Managing your tenancy

Understanding your tenant rights and responsibilities

As a tenant, you are expected to occupy the property in a ‘tenant-like’ manner. Here we explain what this means and what you can expect from your tenancy.

Being safe in the property

There’s a lot of legislation in place to ensure renters stay safe and requirements of the landlord. Ensure you’re familiar with these requirements and what to look out for.

Reporting problems and getting them fixed

Whether it’s a repair or maintenance issue or related to a change of circumstance making it hard for you to pay rent, find out the process required for each. We’ll also cover complaints procedures and redress schemes.

Ending or extending your tenancy

No matter if you’re thinking about staying in your property and would like to renew, or need to activate a break clause, this section is a must-read for all renters.

Preparing to move out

A little planning goes a long way when you’re preparing to move out. Here we share our top tips for making the move day as stress-free as possible.

Moving out day

Useful if you haven’t rented for a while, or it’s your first time ‘checking-out’ of a property, we go through the check-out process and what you can expect.

Final rent payments and your deposit

Make sure you’re clear on what happens once you’ve paid your final rent payment and the process for getting your deposit back.

Emily Evans